Circular Economy

Promote circular economy and carbon neutrality in waste
economia circular cascais smart pole

Used cooking oils (UCO) are vegetable oils that are used in the kitchen for cooking or in the packaging of foods preserved in oil or olive oil. When improperly disposed of in sewers, kitchen drains, or toilets, they can damage pipes, increase pest infestation, and cause problems in wastewater treatment plants.

To promote the circular economy and give a new destination to the UCO collected, smart bins will be installed to reinforce and contribute to the efficiency of the collection. The implementation of this solution aims to involve families and economic agents through a Pay As You Throw (PAYT) system based on gamification that incorporates the various streams of household waste, as citizens are challenged to deposit their UCOs in these containers. For each deposit, the citizen receives a certain number of "CityPoints". The PAYT system will be based on rewards for the participants through the application "CityPointsCascais".

After periodic collection, these OAU will be stored and transported by certified operators to pre-processing facilities in order to meet the quality parameters required for conversion. After pre-treated, the oils will be transported to Prio Bio's Biodiesel Plant and transformed into ZERO Diesel (B100) through a transesterification process, which is an environmentally friendly biofuel that reduces GHG emissions.

The biodiesel that results from the recycling of OAU will be used by the Cascais Ambiente municipal fleet trucks.



1. Let the oil cool down.
2. Place the UCO in a used bottle or plastic jug with the help of a funnel.
3. Put the lid on to prevent spillage.
4. Place the bottle (or carboy) in the oilcan.
5. Scan the QR code available on the equipment and earn City Points.


> Bombeiros Voluntários Street (next to the Firemen Headquarters)
> Rua João da Silva (next to the Carcavelos PSP station)
> Rua Dr. Manuel Rebelo de Andrade (near the Market) 
> Tulipas Street (Lombos Sul)
> Flora Street (at the junction with Flora square - Lombos Sul)
> Av. de Portugal (next to the junction with Rua da Bélgica)
> Av. de Portugal (near the traffic circle with Rua da Holanda)
> Rua da Holanda (next to Nova SBE)
> Rua de Inglaterra (near the intersection with Rua de França)
> Praceta Girassol

Download the Citypoints Cascais app, available on Android and iOS versions, andstart earning points for your recycling actions! 


Circular economy and waste