Cascais Smart Pole

Cascais Smart Pole by NOVA SBE will be implemented in a multifunctional area that integrates housing, commerce, equipment and public spaces, acquiring local identity through sociocultural interaction between residents, students and visitors/tourists, also covering an area of 4.2ha of green spaces.

Located in the Municipality of Cascais, a leading municipality in the definition of a Municipal Roadmap for Carbon Neutrality, Cascais Smart Pole by Nova SBE will lead the generation of change makers influencing people and all stakeholders on the path of innovation combined with carbon neutrality.



The concept is based on a physical and a virtual space, providing people with a space for experimentation that aims to be a reference for the whole municipality and for other cities. The management of the living lab is a collaboration between private and public entities (Private and Public Partnership for PEOPLE).

With a duration of 36 months, the project is being developed through interconnected activities. The ambition to achieve carbon neutrality with the contribution of all stakeholders is the driver of this living lab.


Cascais Smart Pole ran for 36 months, between May 2021 and April 2024.
In this video you'll find a summary and the main highlights of this laboratory. Be part of the change!